This page contains information regarding the game Champion, currently in development for iOS. It is a living document and will be updated regularly,

second unity screenshot
Early stage screenshot

Werewolf Icon

Druids and Werewolves

The Druids use ancient rituals and artifacts to control the powerful werewolves to fight their battles for them. The stronger the werewolf, though, the harder they are to control. Protecting the druids is crucial to ensure control is maintained. Otherwise, the werewolves will revolt.

Dwarf Icon


The Dwarves are extremely resourceful and resilient. They've padded themselves with heavy armour that can withstand even a werewolf's bite, while equipping themselves with skull crushing hammers.

Skull Icon

Wizards and Skeletons

The wizards use powerful dark magic to control their undead armies of skeleton warriors. But, unlike the druids, these wizards have more up their sleeves. These castors' powerful offensive spells will bring terror to their enemies while the skeleton warriors stand guard.